1. Purchase information booklet from your school / guidance centre.

  2. Read the booklet from pages no 25 – 45, carefully while filling the sample form.

  3. Find login Id and password in the booklet (Front Page)

  4. Visit your school (Std 10)/ Guidance centre, to understand the admission process.

  5. Visit the website http://mumbai.11thadmission.net to fill the application form.

  6. Log in using login id and password given in the information booklet for first login.

  7. Change the password and keep it for your next login.

  8. Add security questions and keep answers in your mind.

  9. Take print out of security question, answer and change the password.

  10. Follow the screen instructions and proceed with the online admission step by step. Online application has two parts: Part I ( REGISTRATION FORM) and Part II ( OPTION FORM)

  11. Student wish to take Computer Science / Electrical Maintenance, have to select “yes” in Bifocal while filling PART I.

  12. After entering the examination seat number, the Maharashtra state SSC board students (Appearing for March 2018 exam) personal information will be filled automatically in the relevant fields.

  13. All students from MMR area of Maharashtra state board must get their admission form part I APPROVED from their respective school for the information filled in the form

  14. Students outside MMR area of Maharashtra state board as well as other than Maharashtra state board students / Transfer case students must get their part I application form APPROVED at the nearest Guidance centre.

  15. Only after approval of PART I of Application Form, the eligible students can fill option form or part II of application form

  16. Click on the “Confirm” button to confirm the details filled in the application form.

  17. After confirmation, if any correction in data has to be made applicants will have to approach the respective schools / guidance centre (Refer Pg.no 65 to 75).

  18. Applicants claiming any constitutional and / or special reservations including open category students should get the form approved from school/guidance centre ( as case may be )

  19. . Take two printout of the approved PART I of application form and preserve it carefully.

  20. Without approval of PART I of the application form, the status of the applicant, will be in “Pending Status” and this incomplete form will not be considered at all for admission. For all pending forms students will not be able to access Part II of the application.

  21. All students have to frequently check “My Status” after completing the form.

  22. Part II form will be available after receiving “Approved” in “My Status” tab.

  23. Once Part II is open, fill all details carefully as instructed in the page especially marks obtained and 10 preferred colleges.

  24. Submit Part II Form online and take two system generated print outs of the same.

  25. Text Message related to college allocation will be sent by education department on the registered mobile number, between closing date of online submission of application form and declaration of merit list.

  26. Applicants, who are allocated first preference of their list of preferred colleges, have to confirm the admission in stipulated time by full fees payment. The names of these students will be restricted / blocked for the next rounds.

  27. Applicants who are allocated other than their first preference can confirm admission in the same college by paying full fees and their names will be blocked and restricted for further rounds. If students do not confirm their admission they are eligible to change their college preference for the next rounds

  28. There will be four merit lists with its admission schedule declared by Education department and then regular college lectures will start.

  29. Admission Schedule notifications will be available on the website http://mumbai.11thadmission.net and also Newspapers.

Documents Required for Online Admission Eligiblity Form - Documents Required